Strategic Direction Foundation Statements | Western Technical College

Strategic Direction Foundation Statements

First Choice Service

first choice service

Western is committed to providing students and others with a level of personal service that makes Western a college of first choice. First choice service is a daily intentional choice to provide a positive emotional experience; to serve others as they want to be served.

Fundamental Beliefs
  • First choice service comes from a place of humility and void of judgement.
  • Employees should feel safe and empowered to make decisions that serve the best interests of students.
  • Interactions with others should be consistent with Western’s values and practices.
  • First choice service creates a positive emotional experience that is the foundation of the essential experience at Western.

Workforce and Community Engagement

workforce and community engagement

Western holds engagement within the community and with employers in the highest regard. The College consistently and actively engages students in making a positive impact on the workforce, community, and regional economy.

Fundamental Beliefs
  • Learning through hands-on experiences within the community helps to support and deliver the Essential Experience brand promise.
  • Intentionally connecting students to employers is in the best interest of building a skilled workforce for the region.
  • Seeking and acting upon student, community, and employer feedback is essential to Western’s mission and helps build relevant programs and support services.
  • Continuing education and career pathways serve to help employers and incumbent workers with ongoing skill building.

Equity, Inclusion, and Support

equity, inclusion and support

Western is committed to providing students from all backgrounds and academic levels an accessible, inclusive, and equitable learning environment that results in credential attainment. Western and its employees are committed to Every Student, Every Day.

Fundamental Beliefs
  • Every employee, regardless of position or title, is obligated to help create accessible, inclusive, and equitable conditions for student success.
  • Teaching should be inclusive of all cultures and backgrounds and appropriate to the needs, abilities, and aspirations of each student.
  • Student self-efficacy is increased by balancing academic rigor with compassionate support, effective teaching methods, and a precise focus on career-relevant topics and skills.
  • Academic, social, and emotional assistance should not be stigmatizing. Success achieved with support is still success.

Employee Engagement

employee engagement

Western values the input, feedback, and engagement of every employee. The College is committed to empowering the human side of Western by capitalizing on the strengths of people and embracing a culture of accountability.

Fundamental Beliefs
  • Relying on one another consistently and collaboratively is the only way that success for every student, every day is achieved.
  • Transparent communication across the College is the best way to build organizational trust.
  • Maximizing the strengths of employees provides a positive focus on employee development.
  • A growth mindset allows employees to focus on professional success and achievement.

Personal and Organizational Commitments

  • Act with clarity and consistency
  • Demonstrate resiliency
  • Drive action through data intelligence
  • Practice sound fiscal stewardship