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Health and Wellness

Western is dedicated to providing services that promote healthy lifestyles and support the well-being of our students. This effort is led by a group of students, staff, and faculty who are working to increase student success by creating a culture that supports and encourages health lifestyle choices through policy change, implementation of proven programs, and promotion of personal responsibility.


Student Health Center

The Student Health Center, located in the Health Science Center, corner of Badger and 13th Streets in La Crosse, provides comprehensive primary care services for Western students with a valid student ID. Services are provided by Mayo Clinic Health System and include primary care for illness or injury, care for chronic health problems, minor surgical procedures, medical management of mental health concerns, gynecological services, immunization and TB testing, physical exams, reproductive services, basic lab services, allergy injections, HIV testing and counseling, physical therapy services, consultation and referral. Cost of this service is provided by student activity money with the exception of a $10 per visit co-pay and other services that are billed directly to the students.

For more information, visit the Student Health Center website.

Eligibility Guidelines

Eligibility guidelines for Student Health Center Services follow:

  • Fall and Spring Semester - Enroll for six credits or more OR enroll for at least one credit and pay a $100 fee.
  • Summer Semester - Enroll for six credits or more OR enroll for at least one credit and pay a $50 fee; OR enroll for spring semester and fall semester, but not summer semester and pay a $50 fee.


Appointments are recommended; please call 608-785-8558.

COVID-19 Treatment Telehealth Program

Wisconsin’s COVID-19 Treatment Telehealth Program aims to provide free, easy access for Wisconsinites to health care consultation, screening, and prescriptions for COVID-19 oral antiviral treatments. Wisconsin residents ages 18 and older who test positive for COVID-19 will be able to use the service to receive a video or telephone consultation with a health care clinician.

Learn more about this program by visiting the DHS Telehealth Website.

Student Health Insurance

Western Technical College does not carry medical insurance to cover students. This means that you are responsible for your own coverage in case of an injury, accident, or incident that might require medical attention. You can enroll into affordable health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplaces. The Marketplaces are a revolutionary way to shop for insurance – you can compare costs and benefits and find out if you are eligible for new tax credits.

You can apply for health coverage in the Marketplace four ways: online, with a paper application, by phone, or in person with assistance. Learn more.

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Young Invincibles -
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Physical Activity

Wellness Center

Western understands the benefits of physical activity and the correlation to success in the classroom. Our full-service Wellness Center offers exercise equipment, intramural sports, personal training, group fitness classes, and more.

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Emotional Wellness

Stress is the physical and emotional "wear and tear" that our bodies experience as we adjust to the constant change in our lives. Coping with the effects of stress is different for everyone. Western offers free Counseling and Case Management Services to students struggling with many types of challenges, including personal, academic, and substance dependency issues.

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Spiritual Opportunities

Cru is a recognized club on Western's campus. There are regular meetings and bible studies. For more information on the club, contact Eddie Hale at 608-785-9131 or

There are many churches in the La Crosse area. A list can be found at the La Crosse Convention and Visitors website. Western's Multicultural Services staff may also be able to provide suggestions for cultural preferences.

Wisconsin state law ensures the College will make reasonable accommodations for any student's sincerely-held religious beliefs for the purpose of scheduling examinations and other academic requirements. Please see your instructor to make alternate arrangements. Should questions arise, contact the Vice President of Instruction, second floor of the Administration Center on the La Crosse campus.

Nursing/Lactation Rooms

Western provides privacy rooms for faculty, staff, and students to support parents balancing their work and study commitments with their needs as parents of young children. On the La Crosse campus, you can find these spaces in the Student Success Center (room 110) and in Coleman Center (room 252).

For more information, contact the Student Life Office in La Crosse (Kumm Center, room 100), or the front desk at the Regional Locations.

Tobacco/Smoke-Free Campus

All Western campuses and grounds are tobacco/smoke-free. This initiative was brought forward by Student Government in response to requests by the student body and is designed to create a healthier environment for everyone who comes to Western Technical College to study, work, or visit. It also aligns with community tobacco/smoke-free efforts and changing attitudes toward tobacco/smoke.

  • The Tobacco/Smoke-Free Policy prohibits use of all tobacco products and smoking devices on College premises or in College vehicles. The only exclusion is private vehicles.
  • The sidewalks on 7th Street between Badger Street and Vine Street have been designated as a Courtesy Zone – a section of city property where individuals are asked to refrain from using tobacco and smoking devices out of respect and courtesy for the high volume of Western students, staff, and visitors who use the walkways. See Map of Courtesy Zone.
  • Ash receptacles are located throughout the perimeter of campus. It is expected of all individuals to be respectful when using tobacco and smoking devices off of Western property and ensure waste gets in the proper containers. See Locations of Ash Receptacles.
  • Policy enforcement focuses on positive reinforcement and is the responsibility of all staff and students. The goal is self-enforcement. Repeat violations of the policy will be handled through already-established judicial/discipline procedures for both students and staff.

The Tobacco/Smoke-Free Work Group is a committee made up of staff and students working to educate all staff, students, and visitors at Western about the Tobacco/Smoke-Free policy and to promote cessation resources to those who want to quit. The Work Group meets twice a month throughout the academic year. If you would like to get involved with the Tobacco/Smoke-Free Work Group, please contact or call 608-785-9444.

Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse

Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse

We also understand the link between student success and high-risk drinking and other drug choices. Personal Alcohol and Other Drug Addictions (AODA) counseling services are available through the Counseling Center. Western are also committed to educating, spreading awareness, and using evidence-based strategies to address AODA issues to help our students make healthy choices.

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Relationship Violence Prevention

Western provides resources that can give you direction on what to do if you experience relationship violence, stalking, or sexual assault. Our Violence Prevention Specialist, located in the Student Success Center, Room 221, can be reached at 608-785-9553 or

For more information, visit Violence Prevention.

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