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Proctor Services

We  provide proctoring services for individuals enrolled in distance or online classes through other institutions and those who need to complete professional exams for career placement or advancement.

Follow the guidelines established by your instructor. Cost is $25 per test session. This fee is waived if you are testing for any Wisconsin technical college classes. A photo ID will be required for all testing appointments.

Adjunct Faculty and Make-up Test Proctoring

In order to serve students as well as possible, test proctoring practices at Western Technical College are aligned with recognized best practices in educational assessment. Test proctoring practices are also aligned with Western’s need to utilize institutional resources in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Western’s adjunct faculty members may request that the Assessment Center or RLC staff proctor make-up tests due to student absence. To request adjunct faculty proctor services follow the steps below:

  1. Adjunct faculty should complete a Proctor Request Form and submit the form to  the Assessment Center ( or the specified Regional Location and
  2. Direct the student to contact the Assessment Center (608-785-9566) or Regional Location in order to schedule a make-up test session.

Online Course Proctoring

Instructors of online courses that include a requirement for on-site testing may request that the Assessment Center or Regional Location staff proctor tests for students enrolled in these courses. The requirement for on-site testing must first be approved by the division dean. Online course Instructors are responsible for completing the steps below:

  1. Completing a Proctor Request Form and submitting it to  the Assessment Center ( or Regional Location and
  2. Directing students to contact the Assessment Center (608-785-9566) or Regional Location in order to schedule the test time.
  3. Online students will be allowed to take tests in a reasonably prescribed timeframe.

Proctoring sessions may also be arranged at any Wisconsin technical college testing center or certified testing center that is approved by the instructor.  

Students who have a medically directed accommodation that affects testing procedures must:

  1. Schedule an appointment with the Access and Language Services office.
  2. Provide diagnostic documentation of the disability.
  3. Discuss the classes you're taking and accommodations needed. The Access and Language Services office will communicate with the instructor.  

Test Score Request Form

To request your test scores, complete a Test Score Request Form and submit it to the address included on the form. No test scores will be released without signed authorization from the individual making the request.

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