Western Food Service is proud of the many efforts made as we strive to become a sustainable food service operation. Examples include:

Reusable To-Go Containers

We offer the option to have your take-out food put into a reusable to-go container that should be returned to the tray return station after use. All containers are washed and sanitized for another use, much like a plate, fork, or spoon.

Reusable Mugs

The Union Market offers discounted beverage pricing on all reusable coffee and cold beverage mugs.

Kickapoo Coffee

Western purchases all of our coffee locally from Kickapoo Coffee Roasters, located an hour south of La Crosse.

Food Donations

We have a relationship with the Salvation Army in La Crosse to provide regular pick-ups of food that is good quality, but coming to the end of its life cycle.

Lean Path

We use Lean Path to help track food waste in the production kitchen. 

Food Composting

We work with a local farmer to compost pre-consumer waste.

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