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Scholarships make college possible for many students. Because of generous donors, more than 500 scholarships ranging from $150 to $2,500 are available for qualified students through Western Technical College Foundation. Some are program-related and others are open to all students. Western also provides access to many other scholarships granted by local and regional organizations.

Apply for Scholarships

Requirements to Apply

  • You must have completed the Western Admissions Application
  • You must have your Western student ID number
  • You must be enrolled or planning to enroll in 6 or more credits for the fall term
  • Current students taking core program classes start applying in August with a November 1 deadline
    • Applications are reviewed in November and December, and scholarship recipients are notified in January. Awards are disbursed to student accounts after a thank you note is sent to the donor that helped make the scholarship possible.
  • High school seniors, new students, or pre-program/major students only taking generals can start applying in March with a June 1 deadline
    • Applications are reviewed in June and July, and scholarship recipients are notified in July. Awards are disbursed to student accounts two weeks into the Fall term after verification of eligibility and after a thank you is sent to the donor that helped make the scholarship possible.


Complete just one online application to be eligible for Foundation scholarships. Two references are required which will be requested through email in the application process.

For assistance or more information, contact Western Foundation Office at 608-785-9261 or

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Visit the Additional Scholarship Opportunities page for other scholarship opportunities or visit the Western Financial Aid and Scholarships Facebook page.



Have questions or need more information about scholarships? Visit, call, or email the Western Foundation.

Scholarship application dates

High school seniors, new students, or current students waiting to get into their program may begin applying March 1. 
The deadline is June 1. 

Contact the Western Foundation office at 608-785-9487 or for more information.