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7-Week Sessions Coming Soon

Western is transforming the way you learn!

Starting in Summer 2024, Western will start offering the majority of our courses in 7-week Sessions. The academic calendar will still be in 15-week Spring, Summer, and Fall terms, but you will take fewer classes at a time!

With less of an academic load each session, the goal is for you to be more successful and reach your goals more quickly!

7-week TermsWe’re not just packing 15-week courses into a 7-week time frame. We have restructured these courses to make sure you get the skills you need for the next step. The content covered will be well designed and diverse teaching methods will be used. We’ve looked at all aspects of learning to help improve student success at Western!

Each academic year will include six 7-week Sessions: two in fall, two in spring, and two in summer. There are short breaks between each of the six 7-week Sessions. Start dates may vary by program.

Connect with a Western Admissions Coach for more information about how this could look for you and how you can find your success in 7 weeks!

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Questions and Answers

Are all programs and courses moving to the 7-week format?

While most programs and courses will be moving to the 7-week format, some will stay in their original format due to clinical rotations and accreditation requirements. More specific information will be listed on our website as we get closer to Summer 2024.

What are the session start and end dates for the 2024-2025 academic year?

Summer Term Session 1: May 6 – June 21, 2024
Summer Term Session 2: July 1 – August 16, 2024
Fall Term Session 1: September 3 – October 18, 2024
Fall Term Session 2: October 28 – December 13, 2024
Spring Term Session 1: January 6 – February 21, 2025
Spring Term Session 2: March 3 – April 18, 2025

How will this change affect part-time students?

This transition is especially beneficial for part-time students. The 7-week format allows you to focus on one to two courses at a time while earning more credits each term. For example, in one term you could take 2 classes (6 credits) in the first 7 weeks and 2 classes (6 credits) in the second 7 weeks, rather than 2 classes (6 credits) in one 15-week term.

How will this change affect full-time students?

As a full-time student, you can maintain your current courseload each term but spread them out over two 7-week sessions. For example, you may take 2 classes (6 credits) in the first 7-week Session and 2 classes (6 credits) in the second 7-week Session, rather than 4 classes at once. You can also take advantage of more courses offered during the summer term.

How will this change affect my financial aid?

Financial aid will continue to be awarded based on how many credits you take each term. In order to be eligible for financial aid, program students should register for both 7-week Sessions in a given term at the same time. For example, you will need to register for both Fall 1 and Fall 2 to have the equivalent of a full-time credit load.

How does this affect course registration?

For each term, be sure to register for both 7-week Sessions (e.g. Fall 1 and Fall 2) at the same time. This will help keep you on track for the most efficient course sequence to complete your program. Your college advisor will help you with registration and your academic plan.

Will I spend the same amount of time in class?

You can expect the total amount of class time to be the same in a 7-week course as in a traditional 15-week course. This may come in the form of more online work and/or longer individual class meeting times.

​Is class workload affected by the 7-week format?

Instructors have redesigned course assignments and assessments so that you can learn the same material more efficiently, with a reasonable amount of take-home work. If you are a full-time student, your workload may feel more manageable, because you will have fewer courses to concentrate on at one time.


Contact an Admissions Coach or your assigned College Advisor for more information or email 7weeks@westerntc.edu.