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Gender Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct

Western wants to help all students and employees find the resources they need to feel safe from gender discrimination, sexual violence and other harm. Nearly every Western employee can help you begin the process of leaving dangerous situations and relationships, asserting your rights to equal treatment, and achieving your dreams.

If you are not safe, or if you need immediate help: Call 911 or Western's Security Office: 608-785-9191. Immediately following a sexual assault, seek medical attention as soon as possible. 

Visit the Safety and Security website for more information about campus safety efforts.

What is Title IX?

Title IX of the Educational Amendments Act of 1972 (amending the Higher Education Act of 1965) is the federal law prohibiting sex discrimination in educational institutions. This act is codified as Title 20, United States Code, Chapter 38, Sections 1681-1686. The act was also amended by the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987 ("Title IX").

The law states that "no person in the United States shall on the basis of sex be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance." The amendment in 1987 expanded the definition of "program or activity" to include all the operations of an educational institution, governmental entity, or private employer that receives federal funds.​ 

Western prohibits all forms of illegal discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and coercion on campus and at College related activities and functions. Western takes a strong stance against sexual misconduct. The College seeks to create and maintain a campus free from sexual misconduct by using a combination of education, programming, training for students and staff, clear policies, and consistent sanctions for any violation of these policies. The College’s Title IX Coordinator, supported by a cross-functional committee, assists in ensuring compliance. The Office of Human Resources, along with the Student Life Office, provides trained investigators to address any reported issues of sexual misconduct involving staff and/or students.​​​​​​​

Policy Statements

Sexual Assault Reporting and Prevention:

Western Technical College will not tolerate and prohibits sexual assault, rape and/or sexual misconduct in any form. Western educates students and employees about sexual assault awareness and prevention through New Student Orientation, New Employee Orientation, residence hall programming, and ongoing education by the violence prevention or student life staff. Information pertaining to sexual assault definitions, campus and community resources, reporting options, and bystander intervention education are published in the Student Handbook each year. Literature on sexual assault resources, reporting options, and prevention is available through the Student Life Office and the Counseling Services office.

Victims of sexual assault or sexual misconduct are encouraged to get to a place of safety, obtain necessary medical treatment, report the incident in a timely manner, and provide an opportunity for timely collection of evidence (ideally a victim of sexual assault should not wash, douche, use the toilet, or change clothing prior to a medical/legal exam). Victims of sexual assault are encouraged to report the incident to the Dean of Students, Violence Prevention staff, Counselor, and/or local law enforcement agencies. Sexual assault/misconduct victims may choose for the investigation to be pursued through the criminal justice system and/or the College conduct system, or make a private report to the College in order to ensure steps are taken to preserve the future safety of students and employees without pursuing formal criminal or student conduct action. If a student or employee does choose to report a sexual assault, the information will be kept confidential to the fullest extent permitted by law and policy. The College will make every effort to balance privacy rights and the right to know when making decisions regarding what information to release to the campus community. A student or employee who reports a sexual assault will be provided with a written explanation of his or her rights and options.

Once the College has received a report of sexual assault or misconduct in any form, a trained investigator from the Student Life Office will conduct a prompt, fair, and impartial investigation. The investigation will be reviewed by the Title IX Coordinator, or designee, for determination of appropriate College action(s) up to and including implementing the Student Code of Conduct hearing process or employee discipline process. Investigators from the Student Life Office are trained annually on issues related to sexual assault, how to conduct unbiased investigations, and the student code of conduct process.

If a victim would like support in reporting a sexual assault or in coping with an assault, Western has services available through the Counseling Center and Violence Prevention staff to assist the victim. The College will work with victims of sexual assault to address reasonable accommodations related to living accommodations and/or academic situations at the request of the student.

Procedures for College student conduct proceedings are published in the Student Handbook under the Student Code of Conduct Hearing Procedure. In conduct hearings related to sexual assault or misconduct allegations, the victim is entitled to the same supports as the accused in the student conduct hearing process. Also, both victim and accused are informed simultaneously, in writing, of the hearing outcomes, appeal results, and/or any changes regarding the student conduct process or results. A student found in violation of violating the Student Code of Conduct related to sexual assault or misconduct could be referred for criminal action, and may be suspended or expelled from the College. The standard of evidence used in the Student Code of Conduct Hearing Procedure is more likely than not that the accused violated the Student Code of Conduct.

Sexual Offender Registration:

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act (section 1601 of Public Law 106-386) is a federal law enacted in 2000 that provides for the tracking of convicted sex offenders enrolled at or employed by institutions of higher education. Sex offender information in the State of Wisconsin is compiled by the Department of Corrections (DOC). To learn the identity of registered sex offenders on or near campus, or anywhere in Wisconsin, visit or in Minnesota, visit or in Iowa visit Iowa -

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If you are not safe, or if you need immediate help: Call 911 or Western's Security Office at 608-785-9191.