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Portfolio Assessment

A Portfolio documents your learning through a series of student-developed artifacts. Your learning may have been acquired through past work, training programs, volunteer service, military service, noncredit courses, or study abroad, to name a few. It demonstrates, to a content expert/faculty member, that you possess college-level learning. In other words, you have the knowledge and skills that meet the competencies for the course(s) for which you are trying to obtain credit. Various methods to demonstrate college-level learning include:

  • Resume, autobiography
  • Written narrative/reflection
  • Performance evaluations
  • Professional development plans
  • Letters of recommendation, awards
  • Testimony
  • Examples of product, artwork, blueprints, models
  • Newspaper/magazine clippings
  • Military transcripts, training, and certifications
  • Published books/articles
  • Licenses/certifications
  • Speeches or audio-visual presentations (live/recorded)
  • Demonstration (live/recorded)
  • Business plan, project management plan, management reports, budgets
  • Research report, concept map
  • Discussion/interview
  • Portfolios are graded as pass/fail, and you must earn a passing grade of a "C" or better to be awarded credit.  If you fail a Portfolio submission, you can either register for that particular course at Western Technical College or wait and resubmit another Portfolio in one year. If you successfully pass a Portfolio assessment, the grade of “CR” (credit) is shown on your transcript and is not used to calculate the GPA.
  • A non-refundable fee of $90 per Portfolio.
  • There is no time limit on submitting a Portfolio unless you are enrolled in the course.
  • If you are enrolled in the course, the Portfolio must be submitted within seven business days of the start of the course. If you pass the Portfolio assessment, it is your responsibility to officially drop the course. You may be eligible for a program/material fee refund/deduction based on Western Technical College’s refund policy.

If you are interested in developing a Portfolio, contact the Credit for Prior Learning Specialist, and she can discuss the process, review the procedures, and guide you on the submittal of your supporting documentation.


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