Policies for Using Interpreters | Western Technical College

Policies for Using Interpreters

1. Communication with the Deaf and Hearing Services Coordinator

It is the student’s responsibility to schedule interpreters as needed. You must inform the Interpreter Coordinator when any of the following happens in your class:

  • Day(s) of class cancelled by instructor

  • Room number change

  • Start or end time of class change

  • Field trips

Informing the D/HH Coordinator will ensure continued services and the ability to provide accurate information to substitute interpreters when necessary.

2.  Staff Interpreters vs. Contract Interpreters

Staff interpreters will be used first to cover classes. Freelance interpreters will be used to cover additional hours, if necessary.

3.  Missing the First Day of Class

If you miss the first day of class, you must contact the D/HH Coordinator. No interpreter will attend class until the D/HH Coordinator is contacted and the issue is resolved.

4.  Exams

D/HH students typically remain in the classroom for their exams. The D/HH Coordinator must approve any accommodations and it will depend on the individual’s disability. The standard policy for Western Technical College (in the classroom or Testing Rooms) is as follows:

Directions for the exam and communication between the student and instructor or test proctor (i.e. asking the instructor or proctor for clarification of a question) may be interpreted. Any interpreting of an exam beyond that must be discussed and agreed to by the instructor and D/HH Coordinator prior to the exam.

Instructors and interpreters are aware of this policy.

5.  Planned Absences

If you plan to miss a class, you must tell the D/HH Coordinator:

  • Your name
  • The class name
  • The date or day you will be absent

The D/HH Coordinator will then contact your interpreter.

It is appreciated if you tell the D/HH Coordinator about absences as early as possible.

You do not need to give a reason for your absence.

6.  Interpreter Wait Time

The interpreter will wait 15 minutes at your classroom. After this time, you will be considered a no-show and the interpreter will leave. If you show up after this time, you can choose to stay for class without an interpreter or you can contact the D/HH Coordinator and have the interpreter return if they are still available. Your instructor has his/her own attendance policy that you must follow as well.

7.  Dropped Classes

If you decide to drop a class, you must inform the D/HH Coordinator. You do NOT need to give a reason for dropping a class. You need to first check with Financial Aid Resources and Planning Services. Dropping a class may mean you have to pay money back or may suspend you from getting financial aid in the future.

8. Interpreter Requests for Meetings, Extracurricular Activities, etc.

We provide interpreters for functions or meetings outside of class time. You must request an interpreter through the D/HH Coordinator at least two (2) days ahead of time. We will try to honor requests with less notice, but may not be able to find an interpreter.

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