Apply for Scholarships

Scholarships make college possible for many students. Because of generous donors, the Western Foundation offers over 300 scholarships ranging from $250 to $2,000 for qualified students. Some scholarships are program-related and others are open to all students.

Apply for Scholarships

Requirements to Apply

  • You must have completed the Western Admissions Application
  • You must have your Western student ID number
  • You must be enrolled or planning to enroll in 6 or more credits for the fall term
  • Current students taking core program classes start applying in September with a November 1 deadline
  • High school seniors, new students, or current students waiting to get into their program can start applying March 15 with a June 1 deadline


We are not accepting scholarship applications at this time. The next application availability will be March of 2018 for high school seniors, new students, or current students waiting to get into their program. In September 2018, applications for current students taking core program classes will be available. 

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Jackson County Impact Scholarships – Impact Scholarships provide Western students from Jackson County with $2,000 per year, for two years! All Western students, in any program, from Jackson County are eligible. To apply, contact the Foundation office. 

Pathways Scholarships – Pathway Scholarships are available for specific programs to help students build their education as they plan their career advancement. This scholarship continues each term for up to four terms per student. To apply, contact the Foundation office.

High School Scholarships – The Western Foundation offers each high school within the Western District a $500 scholarship for a senior planning to attend Western. Students will be recognized at their high school awards ceremony. Ask your Western recruiter or high school counselor how you can apply. Application deadline is April 1.

Contact Us

Have questions or need more information about scholarships? Visit, call, or email the Western Foundation.