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About Equity, Inclusion, & Community Engagement

Western’s Commitment to Equity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement

Western’s current strategic plan places equity, inclusion, and community engagement at the center of the College’s key commitments. The following language is excerpted from the College’s Experience 2025 strategic plan.

  • Equity, Inclusion, and Support
    Western is committed to providing students from all backgrounds and academic levels an accessible, inclusive, and equitable learning environment that results in credential attainment. Western and its employees are committed to every student, every day.

  • Fundamental Beliefs 
    • Every employee, regardless of position or title, is obligated to help create accessible, inclusive, and equitable conditions for student success.
    • Teaching should be inclusive of all cultures and backgrounds and appropriate to the needs, abilities, and aspirations of each student.
    • Students’ self-efficacy is increased by balancing academic rigor with compassionate support, effective teaching methods, and a precise focus on career-relevant topics and skills.
    • Academic, social, and emotional assistance should not be stigmatizing. Success achieved with support is still success.

Read more about Western’s equity goals and strategies.

Our Staff

Our Mission Statement

The Department of Equity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement increases student excellence by:

  • Creating community and inclusion of all students but especially our underserved students
  • Empowering students through their individual strengths to be engaged and active community members
  • Valuing and expanding an understanding of diversity
  • Advocating for equity and social justice 
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