About Community Engagement

Connecting the college and community for the purpose of fulfilling a community need, while developing a deeper sense of civic engagement and academic learning within our students—that’s community engagement! The Community Engagement Coordinator works with students, instructors, and community organizations to identify opportunities for partnership. By working together, Western can fulfill community needs, provide personal enrichment education (community education), and give students a deeper academic experience.

Annual Report

Making an impact is what Western Technical College strives to do. Influencing, growing, building, educating, and helping are all ways to impact the community, and students across the college are doing that in a large way! From designing homes for Habitat for Humanity to providing free computer support to the public at large, Western is engaged and committed to impacting our communities. Check out our annual Community Engagement reports for data and stories about how Western is serving to make a difference.

2017 Annual Report
2016 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report

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