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Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Arm Farm

This class is upper body focused to increase strength and tone in the arms, shoulders, and back. Beginners and regulars alike will be taught exercise technique to include dumbbells, bands, TRX suspension strap, and/or machines. Adjustments for anyone with past or current injuries will ensure a safe and fun environment for everyone. Warmup followed by exercise demonstrations at different stations will provide good flow and access to equipment.

Total Tuesday

This class is an efficient and effective way to get a full body workout in. Utilizing strength training movements to teach proper technique and methods to improve strength, muscle endurance, and muscle size. This class will use barbell, dumbbell, resistance bands, and body weight movements to give a well-rounded approach to training.  

Legs for Days

This lower-body class will focus on increasing strength and tone in the legs, glutes, and calves. Demonstration of the exercises will be shown, and stations will be set up throughout the weight room to provide good flow to avoid wait times for equipment. Instructor will supervise throughout the session to provide feedback regarding technique, working around past or current injuries, and providing motivation.


High Intensity Interval Training. This class uses structured periods of time and rest to enhance cardio-respiratory health, muscle endurance, and expend a good amount of calories in an upbeat environment. This class will utilize strength training movement paired with cardio to enhance the workouts results.  

Stretch & Sweat

Mobility and core-focused class with participants performing variations of stretch/mobility work with core exercises mixed in. If you love a Pilates-type class, this one is for you! The goal is to help loosen up from a hard week of work and feel fresh for the weekend.

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