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Grade Appeals Process

The following steps are designed to provide a means for students to seek review of final course grades alleged to be arbitrary and capricious. If you file a written request for review, you will be expected to abide by the final disposition of the review and may not seek further review of the matter under any procedure within the College.

For the most up-to-date information regarding college policies and procedures, please consult your student planner.

  1. The student must submit a typewritten statement no later than 15 business days following the start of the fall or spring semester immediately following the semester in which the disputed grade was assigned. The request must detail the basis for the allegation that a grade was improper and the result of arbitrary and capricious grading and must present the relevant evidence. Grade appeals may be processed in the summer session if the dean determines that a case warrants immediate review. The dean reserves the right to extend the deadlines, but only in extraordinary circumstances should the appeal be extended beyond the first regular semester.
  2. The division dean or designee will review findings to date and will attempt to act as mediator. The dean may request to meet individually or collectively with those involved in the process and may choose to continue mediation efforts. Each party may bring another person with them as support or as a spokesperson at any stage in the process. The student or instructor has the option of meeting with the dean without the other party present.
  3. Grounds for dismissal of a request may include the improperly prepared request for appeal, that a request was not made within the policy deadline, or instances in which the student has not taken proper action to resolve the grade conflict with the instructor of record.
  4. The dean will make a final decision after full consideration of the findings and within one week of receiving the student’s appeal, the dean will evaluate as needed the grading procedures as well as, if necessary, the student’s assignment for the course in terms of the criteria established by the instructor for the course. The dean’s judgment may be to deny a request for a grade change or uphold the request for a grade change.
  5. The student and the instructor shall be notified in writing of the dean’s decision. If the dean determines that the course grade was based on factors other than the student’s academic performance, the dean may direct the instructor to grade again the student’s work, direct the instructor to administer a new paper/exam or direct a change of the student’s registration process (i.e., withdraw, audit, dropped).
  6. The decision of the dean is final. This shall be the last step in the deliberation of the formal grade appeal process.