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Make an Impact

Please donate if you are able. Your generosity is essential to ensure we keep playing the games we love, learning the beauty of sporting conduct, and making cherished memories. We thrive knowing our fans and spectators enjoy our competitive spirit as well. Your donation will enable Western Athletics to purchase new equipment or uniforms, or schedule more competitions. 

Individual Donors

Individual Donor Levels Western Athletics Newsletter1 Tax Deduction2 Program Recognition All-Sport Passes3 Athletic Apparel4 Donor Wall Recognition
Bronze - $50 X X X      
Silver - $100 X X X X    
Gold - $250 X X X X X  
Cavalier - $500+ X X X X X X

1 Email address required. 2 Tax deduction allowed based on fair market. 3 All-sports passes allow general admission to all regular season athletic events first come first served seating. 4 Athletic apparel includes Western Athletics t-shirt and hat.

Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsor Levels Tax Deduction Recognition on Social Media Company Name on Website and Programs Recognition in Western Athletics Newsletter Logo on Website and Programs Logo on Team Posters Banners at Home Games
All-Conference - $500 X X X X      
All-Region - $1,000 X X X X X    
All-American - $2,000 X X X X X X  
Hall of Fame - $3,000+ X X X X X X X

Contact us at or via phone at 608-789-6276.