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Integrated Technology Center

Integrated Technology Center

The largest of the projects is the renovation and expansion of the Applied Technology Center to create a comprehensive state-of-the-art Integrated Technology Center. The new technology center will allow several industrial programs to share classroom and lab space. They were previously spread over six locations on campus. The upgrade will:

  • Provide a complete building renovation, ground floor expansion, and the addition of a third and fourth floor.
  • Allow the industrial technologies programs to consolidate to a single location, creating an advanced manufacturing center.
  • Co-locate similar courses for more efficient use of space, eliminate redundant equipment, and improve student experience and training.
  • Allow the building to become a "living laboratory" for students.
  • Make the building LEED Platinum certified, the highest rating level for major remodeling projects.

The former Applied Technology center was stripped and gutted during summer 2014, and the addition was started right as fall classes got underway. Work will continue through January 2016.